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Sakura Namida


All Ilhoon's Stans Have Issues About His Damn Hair

I'm a full day fangirl, I told you. I observe everything in this fangirling world, how they love, how they rant about their bias, how they dedicate their time, money and life to their bias. Every little thing. Even when they rant about their bias' hair (I also did). Well, I'm so done. Every little thing that your biases do, will affect you. 
Here's I want to talk about Ilhoon hair. As we know, so many people in the fandom have love-hate relationship with ilhoon's hair lately. Basically, he styled his hair weirdly as hell, I don't even know what he did think when doing his hair. And this drawing will represent how I feel about his old hairstyle which is one of my favorite hairstyle.

Sneak Peek of Design Illustration Assignment

Based on this article. Acrylic on paper.