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It's been two months since Ilhoon's birthday tho but it's better late than never. Let me tell you that I made this with all my passion and love okay I sound so exaggerate and all cheesy when it comes to my bias, but.. sorry not sorry.

Astekitsune x HueFest 2013

Hey, let me confess now I kinda lost the urge to update this blog for some reason but hey it's holiday and I'm trying to be as productive as possible. Well, I've been busy for school, HueFest 2013 that held in my campus after two weeks midterm that went so agonizingly slow, etc. so I had no chance to upload my works.

been such a busy day preparing for watercolor workshop on HueFest 2013

and during watercolor workshop [photographs by Adi]

It was really fun, thanks for joining our workshop! :)