130622 VIXX at Lotte Shopping Avenue (K-POP Festival in Gangwon 2013)

First of all, don't worry, this blog won't be changing into a fansite. I'm just sharing what I've taken on last saturday. I'm basically not really good in retelling the whole situation and how the event went, so I'm just gonna share some picture and video of my favorite K-Pop group, VIXX.

So, I was approximately 2 meters away from them especially Hongbin, holding a camera (which is so tiring) and sandwiched in a crowd but I could successfully sneak in yet I was completely trembling when every time Hongbin smiled or bursted out in laughter. wow okay I sound so biased and excessive.

Unfortunately, I didn't get decent pictures of Leo, Ravi and Hyuk. Leo and Ravi were too far away from me. As for Hyuk, he was actually the nearest one but he rarely turned around so.. bye.

Additionally, Vixx members were judges of dance competition that held in Lotte Shopping Avenue along with GLAM.



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