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It's been two months since Ilhoon's birthday tho but it's better late than never. Let me tell you that I made this with all my passion and love okay I sound so exaggerate and all cheesy when it comes to my bias, but.. sorry not sorry.

Astekitsune x HueFest 2013

Hey, let me confess now I kinda lost the urge to update this blog for some reason but hey it's holiday and I'm trying to be as productive as possible. Well, I've been busy for school, HueFest 2013 that held in my campus after two weeks midterm that went so agonizingly slow, etc. so I had no chance to upload my works.

been such a busy day preparing for watercolor workshop on HueFest 2013

and during watercolor workshop [photographs by Adi]

It was really fun, thanks for joining our workshop! :)

The Upcoming Exhibition!

Halo teman-teman! Datang ya, tiada kesan tanpa keahdiranmu! 

Flowery Skull

Basically, I love creepy things in a cute way.
(watercolor on paper)

Jung Ilhoon

so, this is my first fanart of ilhoon based on The Triple fantaken on ilhoon’s graduation(watercolor on paper)

130622 VIXX at Lotte Shopping Avenue (K-POP Festival in Gangwon 2013)

First of all, don't worry, this blog won't be changing into a fansite. I'm just sharing what I've taken on last saturday. I'm basically not really good in retelling the whole situation and how the event went, so I'm just gonna share some picture and video of my favorite K-Pop group, VIXX.

So, I was approximately 2 meters away from them especially Hongbin, holding a camera (which is so tiring) and sandwiched in a crowd but I could successfully sneak in yet I was completely trembling when every time Hongbin smiled or bursted out in laughter. wow okay I sound so biased and excessive.

Unfortunately, I didn't get decent pictures of Leo, Ravi and Hyuk. Leo and Ravi were too far away from me. As for Hyuk, he was actually the nearest one but he rarely turned around so.. bye.

Additionally, Vixx members were judges of dance competition that held in Lotte Shopping Avenue along with GLAM.

Drowning in the pink sky

Hi, I'm posting some photographs that were taken last week. It's pretty rare tho, so guys you better anticipate it (lol, just kidding I'm not even close as an amateur photographer because I know I suck at photography. So, this is just for fun).
I gotta say that I have this weird obsession with pinky stuff. Whatever it is. Even the mainstream pinkish sky photograph. This is too mainstream (you may say it). Darn it, I spotted heavenly pinkish sky! I've never seen this beautiful sky before, so I just don't wanna miss the moment and by chance I was carrying a camera at the time heading home from a friend's house after dealing with photography project.

Mori Girl on Bearhouse Webzine

Hello guys, I contributed in Bearhouse's Taiyaki Issue as cover illustrator. I'm so glad that I could help them and this issue is apparently a dope shit myself always gets into. Shout out to Bearhouse team, thank you very much for giving me a chance. Folks, don't forget to download and support our local youth culture and art :)

Just Wanna Share Happiness

Hi, it's been long time tho since I posted the last entry /sigh/ I just want to drop by and sharing some pictures that might inspire you.

This was actually one of ways to relieve stress that I did with my classmate after exams. Through the glass wall, you can see our unbearable happiness.

Here's a picture where I actually got fever and flu but it was all covered with monster energy inspired mask which made by my brother because he has a weird obsession with Monster Energy logo. I wasn't in any festivals or even halloween  party. It was just a random idea from my genius quirky art history lecturer.