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Scrapbook : A Little World for Cindy

So, I made this special for my precious one, Cindy Natasha.
I appreciate her existence for being my Best Friend :D

When The Sun Sleeps

So, I was inspired by Kiriko Nananan's drawing, high contrast, minimally detailed drawings. Her characters are almost all contour line drawings, very little detail lines are to be found within the unvarying outlines. Solid areas of black and the occasional grey ziptone is used to add contrast and tonal impact, usually in the form of hair or clothes. The characters’ faces often appear strange when viewed from the front because of the way she draws noses as just a shadow at the bottom. Her drawings are completely simple yet cannot erase its beauty.

As for my drawing I tried to apply minimally coloured (black, grey or even white), but pink was so tempting for accent so I used it eventually. It was actually based on the original photo that Cindy had. It was so beautiful. So, I had an urge to draw it and she really liked it :D
"I thought you'd come back at least i prayed (so i prayed)
the romance has been dead (the romance is dead, the romance is dead)
for years (you come back…

I Will Always Get Home

Even goodbyes are a little feeble, don't you think? Recalling those memories. The hardest part is leaving. You cried over me and I shed tears for you. I'm not ready to lose you either. It's knocking down my heart and soul for knowing that you are lonely. You need someone. You need someone to wash the weight on your shoulder.

We are lost. We are blind of direction. We need to find each other. Being with you is a valuable lesson that I wouldn't get in anywhere else, you're the only home. But if you are my home, then I've never been home. It's not the love that all you need is just body, that all you need is just kisses, or all your burning desire and merely a pleasure. This is clearly not the love that people think just drawn to gender and lust. Just tried to be frankly here, you don't even have to change your gender to be my platonic lover. What I have to do just simply showing my affection, support you and give you a strength. Because I am the one who …