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Let Me Be Your Muse


Nothing could express how happy I am for being blessed and having a talented girl, Cindy, as my friend. Thank you so much for the drawing. It's really awesome :)

Purple-eyed Cindy

You are the idea of beauty
Fuck society's idea of beauty
You are my biggest inspiration
My Muse
You are my best friend
My best partner in crime
I adore your personality
I adore your great drawing and coloring skill
But I seem can't promise
I broke our promise to struggle
in college life, together
I'm sorry, I have to leave you and the others
Thanks for being my best friend
Thanks for the time that you've spent with me
Our friendship will never end, right?
See you next time, Cindy.

"And it's all in how you mix the two,
And it starts just where the light exists.
It's a feeling that you cannot miss,
And it burns a hole,
Through everyone that feels it.

Well you're never gonna find it,

If you're looking for it,
Won't come your way,yeah
Well you'll never find it,
If you're looking for it.

Should've done something, but I've done it enough.

By the way, your hands were shaking,
Rather waste some time with you. 


And you never would have thought …

ttarawa baby!

Why Block B? Block B is my favorite kpop group with a bunch of talented people.Why triangle? Nothing personal, I just like it.Why diamond? I visualized them as a diamond because they keep shining even in the mud(there's an implied meaning) though.Why "ttarawa baby"? that's my favorite line in Nanlina which means "follow me"