You Only Love Oppa 
 lol, no. 
 You Only Live Once 

I currently have a little obsession toward Block B's Yukwon, u-kwon, Kim YooKwon. 
K, whatever.
He has.. the cutest smile ever and I just noticed that he can play guitar well.
Geez, I can barely resist a cute guy who can play guitar and sing beautifully.
This is major fatality (lol, no.)

He looks so sexy with red hair tho but his hair is no longer red ;_;
Flawless, good at dancing, has amazing voice and body, can play guitar very well, cute like a kitten, loves anime, pointy nose uh what else? He also can imitate various animal sounds.
I actually have been in love with him since I found his video playing guitar and singing with b-bomb, 
but I've admitted he's really cute before.
*le adorable kitty eventho he forgot the lyrics*

Yeah, Birukisu.. Your argument is valid :D


Cliff Tuna said…
WOW korean singers are perfect hahaha :D

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