Sakura Drops

My Japanese friend, Marii, promised me to take pictures if Cherry Blossom Trees (Sakura) start blooming, because she knows that I really have an urge to see them directly (even though it hasn’t happened yet) and Sakura is really inspiring me. Well, yeah she did it and sent it all through twitter. They’re really beautiful. So, I told her that I like the pink one better.

She said on twitter, ”I’m so happy you like them (*´`*) I went to a Sakura road and took them today, I also expected you like pink one better.. hehe. The Sakura road is near my house but if we can see them together, I’ll take you to more beautiful place”

So I really hope I can go to Japan someday and see them directly (*´`*)

Taken by Marii, Osaka. Edited by Me
(If you're gonna post it to Tumblr or other site, please put me as the source)


UserTidakAda said…
Izin copy gambar sakuranya 1 file ya...

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