Hell yeah. I ain't a fashion blogger. I admit it, because I have no good sense of fashion. Well, at least I'm average. But now, I'm talking about Androgyny. As we know, Androgyny is most simply defined as the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics or style/fashion within a single person and it's identical to genderqueer. Alright, but I'm not going to discuss LGBT issue here.

Somehow, I recently like Androgynous look. Well, it doesn't mean I'm going to change my style/look. Oh, maybe a bit, my mom gave me her old blazer. I like seeing girl wears a blazer or coat on the magazine, it looks manly and cool without thinking that she's maybe a dyke or genderqueer. And I'm in love with one of Skins Season 5 characters, Franky Fitzgeralrd (played by Dakota Blue Richards) an androgynous cutie. I thought she was a dyke or transgender. lol. But the fact she's just complicated. She's into people. Yeah, love free. She just like being in her gorgeous androgynous look.

Franky has arrived from god knows where, like an alien from another planet. And like all good aliens she’s got a look that’s all her own. Her style is a fucked-up take on classic menswear twisted to suit her own individuality. For me Franky is yet another one of those brilliantly written characters that opens up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to dressing. I always love the slightly left-of-centre characters, and Franky is way off the scale. Her clothes and her sense of style are really important to who she is and who she wants to be. She doesn’t want to be a boy, she doesn’t want to be a girl; she just wants to be herself. And like Boy George’s compulsion to wear makeup when he worked with the hard men in a factory, she just can’t help herself. But all too quickly she realises it’s making her stand out just a little too much.


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