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Let's Fall in Love

Ladies and gentleman Friends and enemies
Parents and children
All His creatures in this fuckery world
Let's fall in love tonight
I feel like a crap

I'm feeling so fly but not like a G6
Because I don't know how it feels like a G6
or even like P. Diddy or a plastic bag
Fuck yeah I fall in love with a white-skinned guy

Fuck yeah I love it when he plays guitar
it feels like there's a butterfly in my stomach
He gives me butterfly
He gives me butterfly


One little, two little, three little Indians
Four little, five little, six little Indians
Seven little, eight little, nine little Indians
Ten little Indian girls.
Ten little, nine little, eight little Indians
Seven little, six little, five little Indians
Four little, three little, two little Indians
One little Indian girl.

That Native American accessories is actually a necklace instead of headband. I got it from my dad, he bought it in the mall when there was a Native American musician promoted his album and there was also a stand which sell Indian accessories.

Me, myself , I and my yearbook teammate were really screwed up of yearbook thingy. Sadly we've canceled "Face Painting" theme for my class yearbook. We've changed it again until we got "Travelling Around The World" and "Native American" as my teammate's sub-theme and this Indian necklace was throught on my mind :) Unfortunately it was failed. Another class banned it because they said that ou…

XII IPA 4's Header Collage

Introducing my new project, I'm on duty for my lovely class. it called "Kreasi Kelas". I'm making a collage. My classmates collage to fill up on our yearbook page. I'm excited for doing this! But now I'm just gonna show you its header. woo-hoo :D

The Power of Bowie

After watched The Runaways movie played by Dakota Fanning I'm so attempted to apply Bowie's eye make up and draw it on my sketch book.

Funeral for A Friend

Gue gambar ini udah dari beberapa minggu yang lalu, yah gak lama sih. Sampai akhirnya selesai gue edit sedikit cuma di tambah texture trus baru gue post sekarang di blog. Gak tau kenapa tiba-tiba gambar itu dengan konsep "Funeral". Awalnya sih pengen gambar cewek kantoran yang modis gitu tapi karena bawa sebuket bunga kesannya kayak lagi berkabung.

Ngomong-ngomong soal berkabung dan pemakaman, hari ini pertama kalinya gue ke pemakaman temen gue. Well, gue emang gak kenal sama almarhumah, cuma tau yang mana orangnya. Sedih juga ya. Nah, tiba-tiba gue keinget sama gambar gue ini dan itu bertuliskan "I'm going to my friend's funeral" di gambar itu tanpa ada ekspresi sedih atau apalah. Apa itu menggambarkan gue. haha (sok cenayang bgt lu Ty, keseringan nonton Supernatural) atau cuma kebetulan?


Hell yeah. I ain't a fashion blogger. I admit it, because I have no good sense of fashion. Well, at least I'm average. But now, I'm talking about Androgyny. As we know, Androgyny is most simply defined as the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics or style/fashion within a single person and it's identical to genderqueer. Alright, but I'm not going to discuss LGBT issue here.
Somehow, I recently like Androgynous look. Well, it doesn't mean I'm going to change my style/look. Oh, maybe a bit, my mom gave me her old blazer. I like seeing girl wears a blazer or coat on the magazine, it looks manly and cool without thinking that she's maybe a dyke or genderqueer. And I'm in love with one of Skins Season 5 characters, Franky Fitzgeralrd (played by Dakota Blue Richards) an androgynous cutie. I thought she was a dyke or transgender. lol. But the fact she's just complicated. She's into people. Yeah, love free. She just like being in her…