Year Book Plan, David Bowie's Eye Make Up

Woo-hoo reader, I've done such a crazy thing. I painted my face like David Bowie's eye make up. Yeah.. guess what I used on my face.. then, you can call me nuts! Well, actually we (me and my classmates) will do photoshoots for our year book. Firstly its theme was "Fairy Tale" -oh shit, what a lame! --> that's the first line that through my mind. Then they changed the theme and it was "Pirate" okay that's great but it's too complicated. Then, the last they changed it again and our theme is now "World of Paint" well, here's the concept :

1. Face painting. Oh snap! I'm so friggin' excited!
2. How about the outfits? it's 100x more simple than 2 themes before! Just mix and match your stuffs and fit it with the sub-theme. DUH, I'M MORE EXCITED, BITCHES!

Geez, I don't really know who submitted this brilliant idea! For those who got this idea, I'm very proud of you bitches. This is totally cool concept!

I genuinely wish that our concept "World of Paint" would be accepted. *fingercrossed* Yes. We dare to be different, bitches! :D


Arnold Teja said…
Digging the eye make-up! I love David Bowie and you represented it very well.

Much xx,
Arnold Teja

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