Drawing Random People

Woo-hoo, Holiday comes!! It's time to update this blog. I've drew two random people. I decided to draw them based on their great simple photograph. First, my friend Mila. I draw her because of her unique room wall. She painted Union Jack on a side of her wall. This was such a cool idea! Well done, Mil :) And so obvious! She covered her face with a crying cat plastic fan haha that was cool!
Second, Oh I mean the last drawing in this weekend. This is Egi, my classmate. Have no word for this one. loljk! Egi is actually edited her photo in photoshop by applied some layers (I guess) Haha I think she likes it. Well in the both drawing I just applied texture in photoshop.
And I'm really glad to know that they like my drawing.
They're really appreciate it. Thanks guys :)


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