Bracelets oh Bracelets

(my favorite Bracelets)

Hey, I'm back. When I try to write something on my blog I always end up like this... "Oh Shit I just lost the ideas!" And well yeah, now I'm going to talk about Bracelet and Anbu Mask.

Who doesn't know bracelet? Yeah, it is a kind of accessories which is worn around the wrist. Bracelets can be manufactured from leather, cloth, hemp, plastic or metal. And.. Who doesn't know Silly Bandz? It's a kind of bracelet which made of silicone rubber formed into shapes including animals, objects, numbers, and letters. It's popular now.
Silly Bandz are nothing but silicone based colored bands. These can be used as anklets as well as bracelets. What is making them a phenomenon right now is that it is not a just teenage fashion trend gone wild, but rather one that is catching on with adults as well and also celebrities. But some schools in New York and in several other states have banned Silly Bandz. (?)

Anyway, I have a pack of Silly Bandz. Yeah it looks weird yet cute. HAHA. It's kinda silly when my friend asked me "Ty, itu apaan warna-warni ditangan lo?" "Oh, ini karet nasi udauk, Ra.."
And these are my another collection.


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