Artclass Project

Hello, I'm back!! Long time no update. School have been starting about a month ago after Eid holiday. Yes, yes.. I've been so busy lately, I've got a bunch of homework. Then I had midterm exams. So I have no time to updating this blog.
Well, I'm back with my new artwork. But actually, this is my art class assignment. But this is my right to show it to you guys, because it's such a guilty pleasure and I feel so proud if I draw, paint, or make a good artwork by myself. Well, here it is......
"A Blue Cat and Colors"
(Theme : decorative painting. and I used acrylic)


Ario Achda said…
hwah, lucu banget kucingnya!!!!!

ahahaha, i also like the sketch on ur latest post. yg gambar temen sekelas yg namanya egi. thats a cute sketch!

keep making great art works!!!
Asty Ramadhani said…
@ario whoaaa thanks fashion dude!! thank you so much :)

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