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Don't call my name

Oh I made this during chemistry class in course place and I just gave a sandstone texture from photoshop. The teacher was extremly boring so I decided to draw something and suddenly LadyGaga's song just through my mind "dont call my name.. dont call my name Alejandro.." Yeah someone said there's a conspiracy in Alejandro lyrics and it's about satanic, freemason, illuminati. Well yeah idgaf as long as it doesn't mislead me. Because I still believe in God.

Happy Birthday Afifah

Hello! Today is my best best best best friend birthday! Happy sweet seventeen Afifah. I'm so glad you were born, because you brighten my life and fill it with joy. Wish you all the best for your life, baby. That's my drawing and I called it my artwork. But I dedicated it to Afifah. Well yeah.. I know it's far from natty. But I've tried to make such the coolest thing for the coolest person in my life.


Hello, friend. I would like to apologize. I expect that you'll forgive me. I just want to say sorry for what I've done to you in the past. I know, I was such a immature bitch who had no life, so rude, ruined, pathetic and less of concern. You used to be my close friend, but we became enemy since I fucked the whole things up and I've hurt you so bad. You know what? I've always tried to get some excuse to hate you. I know I was death wrong. So wrong! So fucked up!
Well, mau memaafkan gue atau tidak itu bakal jadi urusan lo dengan Tuhan. At least I have guts to apologize and I'm not what you think I am because I still have a heart. I just want all the good things and a good friendship come back to my screwed life, even though we're not close friend anymore. That's all my confession. Thank you.
Here do we first learn the foundational principles of friendship? Is it next to the building blocks of preschool, or with our own siblings when we’re young? When do we rec…

The initial A.R. and #indonesia65

This is my initial name. I colored in red and white according to the national flag of my country, Indonesia. Well actually I dedicated this artwork for Indonesian Independence Day on 17th August, as you can see in the corner oh the picture "...pendence day." and "...onesia65" but it's actually Happy Independence Day #indonesia65 but I've cropped it. I know it was kinda too late to post something about Indonesian Independence Day, but I'm sure there's no "late" to make a good creation for your country, right? at least for those who enjoyed some artworks :D

Birthday Boy

20th August is my brother’s birthday. He’s 11 year old now. He was so excited about his upcoming birthday, but he was all busy thinking about what birthday present he will get. He always wanted to have a lot of toys -____- oh boy. You know what? Mom bought him walkie talkie for his birthday present and I decided to buy him a Tech Deck. Well, I wasn’t going to broke my promise to buy him a Tech Deck, but the problem is my friend who sells Tech Deck didn’t have ready stock. My brother kept expect me to buy a birthday present for him, so finally I gave him Lego. Oh man.. why do boys love toys??? lol.